Make sure that you connect to your wallet (BSC Network)

Step 1: Click on the “Buy MYBTC ” button, or you can access  BUY MYBTC  to buy

Step 2, 3: Wait for the popup shows and check “I understand”, and click on Continue

Step 4, 5: Set the slippage from 10 – 13

Step 6: Fill out the MYBTC amount you want to buy, the maximum is 0,01% total supply (100,000,000,000 MYBTC)

Step 7: Make sure that you chose Version PancakeSwap 2.

Step 8: Click on Swap to Swap

Step 9, 10: Confirm the swap

Step 11: The trans submitted, click on “Close” and wait for the result

Step 12: You can see the result, the transaction has been done.